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Spyware Can Slow Down your Computer or crash it!
Some Suggestions to Get Started Reducing Spyware Attacks:

  1. Install latest Windows Security Updates:
    Run  Windows Update > Install ALL Security Updates listed!

  2. Make sure your Antivirus and firewall is switched on and kept updated!

  3.  Watch what you download! 
    Many freeware programs and P2P programs like Grokster, Imesh, Kazaa, and others can come with spyware that will consume system resources, slow down your computer or crash it.  Delete the files after you make a CD and empty the recycle bin.

  4. Exit AIM when you are not using it, this may even help.

Some popular programs to remove Spies are Adware, SpyBot Search & Destroy, and SpyBlaster .  Visit the sites below and download a free copy of the software.  They are pretty easy to use.  I highly recommend Adware & SpyBot. Make sure your delete or kill all programs found and then empty your recycle bin.      TIP:  DELETE THE SPIES IN SMALL GROUPS DELETING HUNDREDS AT A TIME COULD FREEZE YOUR COMPUTER! Run program updates weekly or before running clean ups.

 1)      *Adware      Download the Free copy of Adware

 2)     Javacool's SpywareBlaster It will protect you from all spy/foistware in its database by blocking installation of their ActiveX objects.
Download and install, download the latest updates, and you'll see a list of all spyware programs covered by the program (NOTE: this is NOT spyware found on your computer)
Press "select all", then "kill all checked", and you're done.
The spyware that you told Spywareblaster to set the "kill bit" for won't be a hazard to you any longer. 

3) Avast Free Antivirus Program

Optional Program:
Another program by Javacool is
It provides a degree of real-time protection.  It also features Download Protection and Browser Hijacking Protection!

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