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Flash Drives Technology Vocabulary:

USB Flash Drive - Removable Data Storage Device. A Flash Drive is an input and output device. 

Input/Output Devices - Input device inputs data into computer and output device outputs data from the computer. The flash drive  inputs data into computer  and outputs data from the computer. Explore concept more:  Input & Output Devices

Data - Information, files, pictures etc.

Drive - Computer Storage Space for data

USB - Universal Serial Bus: used to attach a device to computer

Hardware Port - Location to transfer data to a device/computer ports can be located on computer monitor, CPU front panel or on the back of the CPU.

Best Practices Portable Drives:

Let Virus Scanning Software check your portable drive wait for results. Use the drive AutoPlay dialog box to view files and give commands or drag and drop files.
Drag and drop files/folders/pictures/music to Drive. Then eject drive and pull it out of computer.

Download/Upload Data or files just means transfer data/files from one computer to another.
Download data from computer to Flash Drive - Another way to transfer data is to Copy & Paste folders, documents/pictures and files to the flash drive.
Another way use the command Save as to save a file to the flash drive.

Proper Way to Remove Flash Drive - First eject drive this assures transfer is complete. One way Use Flash Drive Icon lower right hand corner and click eject & "Safely Remove Flash drive" Command. Another way navigate to "My Computer " and Locate Flash Drive Right click and select eject Flash Drive. This insures the data/Files where completely copied to drive.

Just pulling Flash Drive out is not the correct way to use a Flash Drive. This can corrupt files and make them not open correctly or they may not be updated or transferred completely.

Enrichment Activities Explore Commands Advance Skills:

Open New Internet Page = Tabbing COMMAND = Ctrl & Click, or Ctrl & T, or Click Using Scroll Button

Open New Internet Browser = Ctrl & N  (Do you Know the difference between New Internet Page and New Internet Browser? Try the commands out!

Triple click = Selects Paragraph Double Click = Selects Word

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