1.              NO Free surfing the Internet we use the Internet for educational/research reasons only. No visiting arcade and like games sites. (This is considered Non-educational) Fun Page Off Limits during school hours.

2.              When using the Internet no downloading, Allowing or Running†† programs or applications without teacher permission.

3.              No browsing the Network or Another Grades Folder or another studentís folder or files as this is considered destroying property that does not belong to you. We are a good character School.

4.              Students are not permitted to change computer settings this is a public school computer lab.

5.              Equipment: Please handle microphones, headphones and mouse pads carefully do not tangle or pick at them. Digital Cameras and headphones must be returned before the bell.

6.              Mouse Rule: No flipping Laser MOUSE the light is dangerous to our eyes.

7.              Berlin Community School has an Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures.

8.              No Food or Drinks at Computer Work Stations.

9.              Beware of Public Policy Acceptable Use:

(a)    Proper Netiquette do not change any computer settings, wallpaper or screen-saver.

(b)    Proper Netiquette do not rearrange icons, taskbar, folders.

(c)    Proper Netiquette do not make short cuts or folders.

(d)    Proper Netiquette do not delete folders, short cuts, files or programs.

10.          Please be respectful to each other, Mrs. Nasto, Support staff and substitute teachers and you will advance your technology skills and build successful communication skills for life.

Thank you, Mrs. Nasto