Spreadsheet Vocabulary

•         Excel – Spreadsheet, graphing software that can perform mathematical functions.

•         Table or Spreadsheet– Tool for organizing information into rows, columns, and cells on a grid for manipulating calculations (math operations, sorting).

•         Workbook – An Excel file consisting of many spreadsheets is called a workbook.

•         Tab – is a spreadsheet rename tabs/spreadsheets. Workbooks are made of many spreadsheets.

•         Cell – One box in a table or spreadsheet is referred to as a cell. You can enter data or formulas into cells.

•         Rows  - are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc.

•         Columns –are lettered A, B, C etc.

•         Data – Information, text, numbers

•         Formula FX =  Formula toolbar for math operations toolbar

•         Decrease Decimal: Decreases one decimal place at a time. Values are rounded when decimals are decreased.

•         Charts & Graphs - are visual representations of worksheet data.

•         Analyze – examine in detail for purpose of explanation

•         Determine – Cause something to occur, result

•         Explain – describe in detail relevant facts, cause, give reason

•         Refer – point out, mention, comment

Format –Appearance, style, color

Borders – Frame of table or spreadsheet Lines

Graph or ChartWizard - A visual representation of data

Commonly Used Mathematical Formulas

1.    AutoSum = Addition =Sum(B3:B10) Example

2.    Average – Math Formula, [Some of all numbers divided by the number of numbers], Excel =AVERAGE(B4:B6)

3.    = Represents Formula NOT DATA in cell when using EXCEL

4.    Black Crosshair + gives the command to copy formula


ή      Sort – Ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) alphabetical order.


v  Resize Symbol

v  Resize Symbol


Math Words Describe Data Graph Pictures:

·       More, Most, Greatest, Highest

·       Less, Least, lesser, few

·       Than measure compare word

·       Large, great, Maximum

·       Small, Slight,

·       Even the same