Checklist for Web Page:

1.     Spell checker, Grammar, CAPS, Spacing

2.  One graphic per page

3.  Copyright date & on each page
Copyright Year Berlin Community School Students

4.  Navigation Links Working Correctly

5.  Page Titles using larger Font

6.  Design, theme, colors

7.   Vertical Alignment Top of Cell, table, Page

8.   Home page = index, Creative & informative

9.  Facts Page Use Table with 3 or more graphics

10.                    History Page:

Label Population Graph
Population Graph

Sentence Explain graph data

11.                       Respect Copyrights

12.                     Resource Page:

Sentence Explain

One Book Source

Three Internet Sites

One Graphic

13.                     (Places or People or Environment or Science Page) Be Creative & informative, One graphic

14.                       Image folder: Clip art, pictures, graphics, animated clip art saved in image folder, drag to right place.

15.                     Optional One Button To the Top of Page

16.                     Use One Dynamic Web Component: Marquee, Transition, Sound, Java Scripts (Mouse Trail)