Contest 2010
Thank You to all students and parents for participating!
 Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Nasto

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Award Winners will be announced by Google May 18th, 2010!

Sorry None of Our Doodles were Selected we will try again next year!

If I Could Do Anything, I would...

What would you do write it, decorate GoogleDoodle match theme. Give it a clever title and then explain theme in less than 50 words.

Return Doodle, Parent Consent and Student Entry Form to Mrs. Nasto ASAP I must mail Doodles to meet Deadline of contest! 6 Doodles will be selected to represent our school in the contest parental consent is required.


Visit the Doodle4Google site  below to learn how to participate:

Return 3 Items:

  1. Parent Consent Form Signed
  2. Student Entry Form Title and Explain Theme
  3. Doodle Google Match Theme with or without computer Paper = 8.5" x 11"

Template to Get Started

Word Document



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