Don't Get Too Fat
Single Cheeseburger At Fat Calories Cholesterol Sodium
McDonalds 13 320 40 820
Burger King 19 360 60 760
Wendy's 13 320 45 83
Total 45 1000 145 1663
Average 15 333 48 554
Text Box:         As you can see from my graph, sodium is the killer in all cheeseburgers.   Just by taking a quick glance at the graph you can see it shows that sodium is the highest for Burger King and McDonalds . Calories are next highest element with an average of 333.  Wendy's is the lowest in everything except calories.  Burger King has the highest in everything except for sodium where it is a close second to McDonalds.  McDonalds is tied for 2nd with Wendy's on calories and fat.  Wendy's is lowest in sodium and fat, and 2nd in cholesterol making it the healthiest choice.