Exploring Penguins
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What are  Penguins?
Penguins are birds that can not fly.  Penguins have webbed feet and flippers for swimming. Penguins have waterproof feathers to keep their skin dry. Penguins are good swimmers and spend most of their time swimming in the ocean looking for food.

Penguins nest and lay Eggs! The male and female penguins take turns incubating the egg or keeping it warm.

A Baby Penguin

Eating Habits Of Penguins
Penguins are meat eaters (carnivores) they eat smaller fish and squid in the ocean.

Habitat - Where penguins live? SEE MAP
All penguins live south of the equator many live in the Antarctica where it is very cold, some live off the coast of South Africa where it is warmer. 

Google Map Antarctica

Lets Go Explore Penguins

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There are many different kinds of Penguins? Lets start exploring!

King Penguin

The Largest Penguin
Emperor Penguin

A Small Penguin
Rockhopper penguin

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How To Draw a Penguin?

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