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How to Cite Internet Resources
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bulletInternet Resources are Web Sites. Internet Resources are useful, helpful learning tools.

Cite work by giving credit to Internet Resources used for research. Student must give credit to all resources used to support work such as ( Internet Websites, books, magazines, etc). Cite work by listing as much information about the resources used for project. 


Advanced: Write a statement giving credit to resources used for information, clipart, graphics, pictures,  animation, movies or sounds.  Give credit to Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Databases or Resource Software.

Citation Format for Internet Web Resource: Cite the Happy Three's

Web Page Title.  URL.  Date.

  1. Web Page Title. New Jersey.
  2. URL the web address.
  3. Date. 05/2006. Date is the day you accessed information on the Internet. 

***Note everything is divided by a period. This is Format.

Cite the Happy Three's

These three items are always available: Page title. URL. Date.

Example One Real World Citation Easy: New Jersey. 05/2006.

Example Two Real World Advanced Citation with Statement:

Citing Resource

I would like to give credit to the following resource: New Jersey. 05/2006.







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