Fifty States Web Design ActivityNew York State

Study, research, and promote one of our great fifty states using web design!

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  • State Name in Page title……Be creative!
  • Create a slogan or jingle, why your selected state is the best state to visit or live in?

Other information you may include in this section:

Capital City

Governor of the State


Current State Population

Anything that interests you be creative!








Sports Team


Environmental Issues



State Motto


·        Save at least 5 graphics to your image folder in Front page for this page.

Anything that interests you be creative!


Places & People

Largest City


State Parks

State Recreation & Activities

Landmarks – Rivers, lakes mountains, statues, buildings, etc.

Famous People



·        Admission into Statehood

·        How long a state

·        Population Trend Graph – Use infoplease 1900, 1950, 2003

Early History of State – Use search engines to locate information.

Be creative whatever you can find that is interesting!


Resources – Cite Work

Credit resources used for research.

Credit all Internet sites and all media forms you used for research.

  • Must use 3 different Internet Sites and 1 book to support your findings.
  • Bottom of all Web pages:

 Copyright, © year, BCS Student



Check List:

ü      Students must obey and read copyrights before inserting a picture/graphic from the Internet into their Web page.

ü      Read and write in your own words.  No copying and pasting sentences or paragraphs this is plagiarism.

ü      Proofread and spell-check.

ü      Students may use FrontPage graphics or Desktop Publisher’s graphics.



Vocabulary Terms for online Quiz:

  1. Html – Hypertext Markup Language
  2. Tables – are used to display information on a Web page.  Tables are made up of rows that go across and columns that go down.  One box is called a cell.
  3. FrontPage is a Microsoft, web design software.  In FrontPage, you whole web site is referred to as a web and a web can be made of more than one page.
  4. Hyperlink – Tells the browser to load another web page/site when the mouse clicks on it.


·        Note a bullet and bold text denotes assignment requirements for grading.