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 Study American Historical Figures and Great American Events

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bullet Student will create a PowerPoint Presentation by researching a Historical Figure in United States history along with related events of the time period while we continue to develop the habits of mind that make us successful in school, the work world, and life. View Some  Projects Created  by former students: Think about what represents high quality work? Sample Projects
bullet Lets get started, first search for an American historical figure that interests you matching the topic goal.  Use the table for ideas but you are not limited to the names in the table. You may not select Sports Figures, Movie Stars, Musicians or Singers.
bullet Students must have a Work Cite Slide(s) referencing all Internet/Media resources used. Please add sites to your favorites folder for future citation referencing. See "Cite Resources" handout below for format and details. Students may print handouts if necessary. 
bullet Cite Resources Handout
bullet Students may use the following handouts for support and direction. Students may print handouts if necessary.
bullet Handout Research Support
bullet Handout PowerPoint Presentation Guide
bullet Create high quality work use Online Grading Tools:
bullet Grade Evaluation Rubric

Excel Peer Evaluation Rubric for Presenting


Checklist for completion, final step!


Time is limited please pace yourself, research at home or seek extra time in the lab during homeroom or after school.


End Goal finish project on time and present project to the class teaching all of us about your selected famous American and the great events of his/her life time. Accuracy of information is important along with properly citing resources.

Table of Outstanding Famous Americans, "Historical Figures" :

Jefferson Davis
Confederate President
Mary Todd Lincoln
First Lady
Robert E. Lee
General of the South
Ulysses S. Grant
Northern Commander Civil War
William Tecumseh Sherman
Northern Commander Civil War
Stonewall Jackson Confederate Commander
Jane Addams
First American Woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize
Rosa Parks
Civil Rights
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Leader

American Presidents

First Ladies

Wright Brothers
General George C. Marshall
World War II
Neil A. Armstrong
John Glenn Jr.
NASA Astronaut
Senator Margaret Chase Smith
First woman elected to both houses of Congress
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr.
NASA Astronaut
Edward Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Bill Gates
General John Pershing
World War I
Henry Ford
Warren G. Harding
29th President
Charles A. Lindberg
American Aviator
Harriet Tubman
African American
Frederick Douglass
African American
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Women's Rights Movement
Ernest Hemingway
American Writer
Benjamin Franklin
Scientist and Inventor
Apache Chief
Susan B. Anthony
Women's Rights Movement
Mary Lyon
Pioneer Higher Education for Women
Clara Barton
American Red Cross Founder
George Washington Carver
African American Inventor
William F. Cody
Buffalo Bill (1846-1917)
Davy Crockett
 Rudy Giuliani
NY Mayor 911
Walt Disney
Pioneer and Innovator
Helen Keller
Deaf Blind Role Model
George Armstrong Custer
Lieutenant-Colonel of the Seventh Cavalry
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Amelia Earhart
 Aviation Pioneer
Horace Mann
" The Father of American Education"
H. L. Mencken
Newspaper Writer
Indian Princess
Joseph Pulitzer
Newspaper Publisher
General Douglas MacArthur
World War I
General George Patton
Norman Rockwell
Margaret Sanger
Founder of the Birth Control Movement
Dred Scott
Slave Who Sue for his freedom in 1847
Native American Leader and Inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet
Elizabeth Seton
Women's Rights Movement
Sitting Bull
Sioux Chief
W.E.B. DuBois
Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism
Malcolm X
Civil Rights Leader
Prominent African-Americans Bessie Coleman
African American Aviation Pioneer
Eddie Richenbacer (AEF)
World War I Hero
African American Scientists
Condoleezza Rice
National Security Advisor
Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor of the World Wide Web
Alexander Graham Bell
Dr. Engelbart Inventor of the Computer Mouse Grace Murray Hopper
 Inventor of the first computer compiler in 1952
Outstanding Hispanic Americans
John Brown

Table of Great American Events :

Birth of Broadcasting
The Roaring Twenties
1919 -1929
Completion of The Panama Canal
The War of 1812 Revolutionary War
1700 -1790
The Nuclear Age
1945 - 1975
The Space Age
1957 - 1976
The Civil War
1861 -1865
The Great Depression
1929 - 1939
Mexican - American War
World War II
1939 -1945
The War in Vietnam
 1965 - 1973
The Gulf War
Civil Rights
1955 - 1968
The Spanish-American War
Women's Rights
1900 - 1920
World War I
1914 - 1918
Golden Decade
1920 - 1929
The Counter Culture
Cold War
1945 -1990
Desert Storm
Korean War
1950 - 1953
War and Protest
1970 - 1979
  Iraqi Freedom 2003 The Progressive ERA
1900 - 1920
Operation Enduring Freedom 2001

You may use any of the following sites or Search engines to make your selection and research a historical figure including historical events from their life time.

Helpful Sites for ideas and information:

  1. America's Story from America's Library

  2. The Internet Public Library

  3. The Library of Congress

  4. Encyclopedia of World History

  5. InfoPlease U.S. History Biographies

  6. Biographical Dictionary

  7. Online Encyclopedias

  8. Thomson Gale Biographies

  9. American Presidents

  10. First Ladies

  11. Encyclopedia of Prominent African-Americans

  12. Black History Month:  Biographies

  13. Distinguished Woman

More Resources:

  1. Dictionary.com

  2. Kid's Search Tools

  3. Search Engines

  4. Biography.com

  5. American War Library

  6. Librarians Index to the Internet

  7. FirstGov.gov

  8. FDR Presidential Library and Museum

  9. Library of Congress American Memory

  10. http://www.infoplease.com/

  11. Interactive Research "A Time Period in History" Apple.com Education


  1. OurTimeLines.com

  2. American Memory Timelines

  3. Civil War Timeline

  4. Computer Timeline

  5. InfoPlease Year by Year

Graphic Resources


Clipart Sites


Animation Clipart Sites


Photo Pictures, Images, Graphic Sites


Quote Sites - "Tip use quotation marks and note author!"

  1. http://geocities.com/Athens/7186/

  2. http://quoteland.com/

  3. http://www.bartleby.com/100/

  4. http://www.tpub.com/Quotes/

  5. http://creativequotations.com/


Audio Music Sound Sites Optional Add Sound to Projects Look for Free Sounds
PowerPoint Presentations: Tip Look for (.wav) files



FindSounds (Sound effects)

A1Free Sound Effects (Click on the option for free sounds)


Public Domain Music


Grooveshark.com (Listen Entertainment)

The History Channelís Historical Speeches

Great American Speeches from PBS

Historical Voices

Presidential Recordings


American Rhetoric, Rhetorical Figures in Sound

Free Music for Educators MP3

Royalty Free Music for Educators to Buy

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Cite Books from Computer Lab: "Tip copy & paste citations"

  1. Keenan, Sheila.  Scholastic Book of Outstanding Americans.  Copyright 2003

  2. DK, Smithsonian.  Children's Encyclopedia of American History.  Copyright 2003

  3. Reader's Digest.  Great Events of the 20th Century, How They Changed Our Lives.  Copyright 1977

  4. Time Life Books.  Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of The Union.  Printed 1998.

  5. Time Life Books.  Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of The Confederacy.  Printed 1998.

  6. Time Life Books.  Echoes of Glory, Illustrated Atlas of The Civil War.  Printed 1998.

  7. White, Nancy Bean.  Meet John F. Kennedy.  Copyright 1965.

  8. De Kay, Ormonde , Jr.  Meet Andrew Jackson.  Copyright 1967.

  9. Freedman, Russell.  Scholastic Inc. 100 People Who Changed America.  Copyright 2004.

Work Cited Slide(s):
Students will give credit to resource with a work cited slide listing all Internet/Media resources used for this project. Students must label the work cited section/slide(s) as such.

List all Internets sites referencing information or graphics as such:
Work Cited

Author. Page title. URL. Date. 

Note everything is divided by a period.
Date is simply the date you accessed information on the Internet.
URL or Web Page Title must be an active Hyperlink in PowerPoint.
If author of the page can not be located students may omit the author and list information available such as:

Page title. URL. Date.
These three items are always available!

Student goal to use four different resources:

One Site from Mrs. Nasto's Resource List

Two Reliable Sites you found from your own search

A Book or other media resources

Example: Citation

Infoplease.com. Encyclopedia. John Adams. http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0802435.html. 05/2006.


      All rights reserved ~ Mrs. Nasto 2002