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Digital Citizens in Today's World
Are you an informed knowledgeable Digital Citizen?
Is Digital Citizenship important in today's world?
"You are your own best teacher!" Jimmy Buffett


Engineering & Technology
Digital Citizenship
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  Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use that keeps you/others safe and secure. Digital Citizens are respectful to themselves and others when using technology. Digital Citizens are educated about appropriate responsible technology use.

Digital Citizens practice protective, safe and secure  technology use. 

TASK: Select a topic to research and study to advance your knowledge of Digital Citizenship.
           Here are just a few current Digital Citizenship topics. You can create your own topic.

+ Netiquette + Safety Tips +User Tips     Inspiring Video


Cyberbullying Digital FootPrints Social Media Nine Elements of Digital Citizens
What is Plagiarism?

A Plagiarism Guide for Students
with Video

Guide to Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism By Mrs. Nasto

Safety Online

Internet Safety

Device Internet Safety
By Mrs. Nasto


Snapchat Etiquette

Free Public Wifi Risks
What we should know?

Internet Safety
Mr. Young's

Web Topics
Mr. Young's

Games Gaming Gamer
Safety Tips
Safe Searching Tumblr Etiquette


Engineering & Technology
Digital Citizenship
Social Networking

Music & YouTube Copyrights


Internet Safety & Netiquette
by Mrs.Nasto
Yik Yak Etiquette
Copyright on the Web  Advanced Passwords Instagram Etiquette
Respecting Copyrights & the Web Easy Cell Phone Safety Tips Facebook Etiquette


Copyright Video Secure Websites
When is it important they are secure? by Mrs. Nasto
Pinterest Etiquette  
Search Engines & Booleans
(Include Fast Searching Tips & Advance Tips)

Great Sites

Information Literacy Basics by Mrs. Nasto A Little Bit of Everything Twitter Etiquette  
BCS Acceptable Use Policy
What are they about? BCS has one, why?

iPad Networks

 Chatting Safety Tips  



Create Document, Slideshow, Movie or Publication to share and communicate information on Digital Citizen Topics.


Select a Theme on Digital Citizenship in our world to study and research.


Evaluating Resources Online
Find 3 quality resources to start your research. Please apply evaluation tips when selecting resources before using them. (No Wiki sites) Be able to explain why your resources are of good quality.


Research Safety tips (3 or More), User Tips, proper Netiquette and appropriate use for Good Character and success in life. (Not Common Knowledge)


Students must properly cite their sources using and State why you selected each resource/web site.

bullet Generate Citations


Write in your own words (paraphrase & give credit), use Quotation marks if you copy statistics, phrases or a sentence completely.


Two paragraphs or more, 5 Researched Facts, 5 sentences or more per paragraph.


Add a graphic and Format the text (double space, Drop Case, Font)


We will Share information on your topic with class by creating an Avatar using next.  

Word/Google Doc  Check List

Check List SlideShow        SlideShow Tips Do's Do Not's

Check List Publisher

Citing Work is giving credit to your resources where you found answers  and information.:

Students must identify all resources used for information and graphics  this is called citing your resources, and it is part of the process of respecting copyrights. Simply list all Internet/Media resources, Books, and magazines  used for research in all projects, class work, or school work. Students can label the resources.

Work Cited  or Resources
Students list all Internets sites referencing information or  graphics in the following format:

Page title or Web Site Page Title.  URL or Web Address.  Date. (Date is the Date Found on Internet)

Note everything is divided by a period.
Date is simply the date you accessed information on the Internet. 
If author of the page can be located students may add the author and list information available such as:

Author. Page title. URL. Date.

These three items are always available:

Page title. URL. Date. Generate Citations  Formats Resources for You.







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